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About Sinking Creek Kennels

Meet Blake Haithcoat, the owner and head dog trainer at Sinking Creek Kennels located in Florence, AL, with over 15 years of experience in the dog training industry.


Having grown up with a passion for animals, Blake had many animals as a child, dogs, ponies, horses, cows, chickens, pigs, and goats to name a few. Blake grew up hunting deer and turkey’s with his dad, Ricky. In was not until 16 Years ago when a friend gave him a black Labrador Retriever puppy named Manny, and started taking him duck hunting. Blake quickly realized his love for duck hunting and the unique bond between him and Manny. Blake started working with Manny daily training him as a gun dog. He began by watching the “Duck Dog Basic” videos by Chris Akin. They would go train and duck hunt out by Sinking Creek in Oakland, AL. This passion led him to pursue a career in dog training, where he is dedicated to helping dogs and their owners create a lasting and meaningful relationship like he had with Manny.


Blake started his career by teaching friends dog’s obedience training and then training their dogs they would go duck hunting with. Through friend’s Jay Haddock and Jimmy and Tracy Hughes from Crimson Kennels, Blake started training with Jodi Ware where he gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in training for AKC Hunt Tests. Blake grew up Jackpot Team Roping in the competitive IPRA and PCA Rodeo circuit. Blake’s drive and competitiveness drove him to start competing the the AKC Hunt Test and qualifying dogs to the Master Nationals.


From basic obedience to advanced behavioral modification, Blake has since continued to hone his skills and stay up to date with the latest dog training techniques to provide his clients with the best possible training solutions.

With a gentle and patient approach, Blake has helped hundreds of dogs overcome challenging behavior issues such as aggression, anxiety, and disobedience. His proven methods seek to understand the unique needs of each dog and create personalized training plans that work for them and their owners.


Blake's philosophy is simple: every dog deserves to live a happy and fulfilling life, and every owner deserves a well-behaved and loyal companion. This is the core of his training philosophy, and he strives to achieve this for every dog and owner he works with. Plus there is nothing like being able to share the experience of going duck hunting with your best friend.  With a well trained gun dog and best friend, you and your dog are excited to be in the blind together waiting for ducks and spending time together doing what you love. Manny was Blake’s first retriever and the pioneer. Manny was the main reason Blake opened Sinking Creek Kennels so others could experience the unique bond and incredible experience training, hunting and competing with your best friend.


At Sinking Creek Kennels, Blake provides a wide range of dog training services, including exclusive one-on-one training sessions, handler training, and boarding and training programs. With a deep love for all dogs, Blake is dedicated to ensuring everyone's success in the training process.


Outside of work, Blake enjoys spending time with his daughter Blakelee, hunting, fishing, fitness, and exploring the great outdoors. He also enjoys working on the tractor at on farm and raising cattle to provide the community with a healthier hormone and antibiotic free source of beef .


Get in touch with Blake at Sinking Creek Kennels to enlist his expert dog training services and experience the joys of having a happy, healthy, and well-behaved furry companion.

Sinking Creek Kennel Facilities

Florence, AL

Sinking Creek Kennel Facilities and Training Grounds are located in Florence, Alabama which is the Northwest Corner of Alabama  near the Tennessee Border. Due to our convenient location we have dogs travel from all over for our Training Program. We are about an hour from Huntsville, 2 Hours from Nashville, 2.5 Hours from Birmingham, 2 Hours from Memphis and 4 Hours from Atlanta. Our boarding Kennel is located on the same grounds as our home so there is someone on-site with your dog at all times. We have over 26 acres here at the home site and Kennel which includes a pond for in water training. We also have access to several other Training grounds which allow. your dog to train on different terrain, various shaped ponds and obstacle set ups through out the week. We want to make sure they are able to preform under all conditions and terrain. Sinking Creek has invested in to the top of the line trailer so your dog stays cool, comfortable and safe while traveling to training grounds and hunt tests. 

Retrieving bumper
Retrieving Ducks
Fenced In Boarding Run
Sinking Creek Kennels grounds
Nuggets Launching in water
Jackson with Bumper
Inside Kennels with Wysiwash
HRC Training
Retrieving ducks
Rosie ready to do water blinds
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