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We’re here to help you unleash your dog's potential. From impulse control, obedience commands, retriever skills, casting, down to competing in the AKC Master Nationals. We’re here to assist you every step of the way. Don’t believe us? Check out what our previous and present clients are saying about us below.


Jessica and Josh Rumble 
Dogs- Penny, Clancy, Maker & Jager

Our first dog to go train with Blake was Penny. Penny was a dog that really no one believed would ever make it in the hunt test world, but Blake worked with her and proved us wrong. We were about ready to just give up on her and bring her home but he convinced us to let him train her for a few more months. We started her out doing the Senior Hunts test, she got her Senior title but we thought that would be it for her, the next year we started her in the Master hunt test, she got her Master title and qualified for Master National. Penny exceeded our expectations and it is all because Blake Haithcoat believed in her and himself to get her all the way to Master National when everyone else had kinda given up. Blake now has 3 more of our dogs that are doing very good under his training. Blake loves our dogs like they are his own and our dogs love and respect him. We had a dog pass away unexpectedly, and he cried with us because Tito wasn't just our dog it was part of Blake’s family as well. Blake has a way with animals, we call him the dog whisperer because they just respect him.


Will and April Conrad
Dog- Belle

We couldn’t be happier with the work Blake did with our Belle! We knew it would be hard to leave her with a trainer for multiple months, so it had to be a special place and a good fit. We wanted Belle to become the best retriever she could be and follow hand commands as well. She is an excellent duck dog and also a wonderful family pet. It’s obvious Blake genuinely cares for the dogs he trains. If you’re looking for training for a hunting companion or a field trial champion, look no further than Sinking Creek Kennels!


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